I host a night of lyrical bloodsport as Roast Beef returns to the Virgil in Silverlake this Wednesday at 8 p.m.. If you were at the first one, you know this comedy Eight Mile is the truth.  Add myself, and judges Kimrie Davis and Tony Hinchcliffe snarking on MFs and you get one of the most fun show’s I’ve ever been part of.  So, put $5 on it and see you there!

roast beef comedy rap battle

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Almost every article on stand-up comedy has the same title: “Stand-Up Guy.”  It’s hilarious, catchy and overused!  Either comedians really are upstanding citizens or journalists are stopping at the first headline they think of.

So, if any reporters are writing articles about me performing at the Laugh Factory in Las Vegas Apr. 27-May 3, allow me to ingratiate  you some headlines you can use (because I’m a stand-up guy).


“Vegas’ Only Sure Fire Bet.”
“Ha Rollers”
“Non-Stop Ha Ha Hip Hop at the Trop”
“So Funny You’ll Think It’s a Laugh Mirage”
“Comedy That Will Make You Go Bellagio in Your Pants”

Email me if you can think of more.

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