Comedian Eric Schwartz aka Smooth-E electrifies with his extraordinary blend of stand-up and music in his debut comedy special.  Behind his geeky facade lies a multi-talented showman who delivers an hour of mind-blowing musical comedy, physical antics, multicultural satire, hilarious characters and riotous laughter.  This ain’t the same boring jokes in front of a brick wall–this is total entertainment that only Eric Schwartz can bring.  Audiences worldwide will follow Smooth-E’s mantra to…SURRENDER TO THE BLENDER.

Eric Schwartz Hulu

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I feel bad for Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton Mary Elizabeth Winstead and all the other stars whose privacy was violated in the recent celebrity nude photo leak.  Listen to my parody of Magic!’s “Rude” called “Nude” to hear what I think about the whole thing.   Download the song FREE here.

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After a week of multiple shows and tapings each night of the Santa Barbara LOL Comedy Festival, our big reward was watching Jim Jefferies at the Arlington Theater on State Street.  Q Magazine once called him “Britain’s most offensive stand-up comic” a title he proudly displayed on the cover of his DVD.

Jim arrived at the theater with his girlfriend Kate Luyben and 20-month-old son, Hank.  They ordered a vodka soda, pinot grigio and an apple juice.  I’m not sure who got what, but I’m just saying Hank had zero social anxiety.

Jim’s new special “Bare” released on Netflix just two days before this show, and most of the crowd had just pre-gamed it.  That meant all that material was off limits for Jim, who had no problem testing out a new 100 minutes of never-recorded material.  It was truly an amazing set, as Jim has a stunning ability to make you laugh at things you’ve been told you should laugh at.

Then, somewhere between C-word-laden tirades on his morbidly obese mom and tales of his penis cancer, Jim heard his son yell “Daddy!” In a few moments, the mood went from caustic to cute as young Hank hopped across the stage to join his dad at work.  It was more adorable than Jim’s description of his bandaged penis.

After this hilarious emotional roller coaster, I got the chance to interview the Jim (clip coming soon).

Jim Jefferies and Eric Schwartz

As you can see, he absolutely loved me.

jim jefferies kiss eric schwartz

As many remember, Jim launched into the international spotlight after an angry patron attacked him on stage at the Comedy Store in Manchester, England.  It’s nice to see a guy who pays it forward. I’m just grateful it was with his lips rather than his fists.
jim and eric
It was a perfectly odd ending to a celebration of things that don’t always match.  But one thing’s for sure: The Santa Barbara LOL Comedy Festival was a perfect fit for this town.  We received so much love and appreciation from this town.  I think we created a lot of good memories for the community and ourselves.  It was a massive undertaking that could only have been pulled off by a lot of talented, hard-working people.  My only regret is not interviewing them to expose their greatness.

Luckily, festival mastermind Scott Montoya of LOLflix is already planning for next year, which will be even bigger and better!

Eric Schwartz at Santa Barbara LOL Comedy Festival

Watch my comedy special, Surrender to the Blender on LOLflix.

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Saturday was the busiest night of The Santa Barbara LOL Comedy Festival and I was beginning to feel a lack of sleep from shooting all day and night.



Luckily, I was recharged by my red-carpet co-host Nadine Rajabi.  She embodies the same qualities I value in myself:  Pretty, funny and gangsta.

The first special taped tonight was “Kirk Fox, That Guy.” I’d been an acquaintance of Kirk before the festival, but we’ve really become fast friends over the past few days.  He’s a laid-back guy you’d want to hang out with to hear his naturally funny perspective on life.  His special, “That Guy” paints him as “that guy” you might see staring at your girlfriend in the bar.  Or following you in your rearview mirror. Or listening to a police scanner for fun.  An acute observer, Kirk will easily win over a sizeable fanbase once this special drops.


You may know Ben Gleib from his countless appearances on Chelsea Lately, his new GSN show, Idiotest or as the voice of Marshall the Sloth from Ice Age – Continental Drift.   But after shooting his first hour special, you will know him for his instant likeability, reflection on pop culture and love of delicious drinks.  Not only did he deliver a hilarious hour addressing every group on the map from Asians to vegans, he wove in about 20 extra minutes of brilliant crowd work, showing he’s as good off the cuff as he is on the page.  I’ve had the pleasure of knowing him for years and he always creates a fun atmosphere wherever he goes.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t go to Ben’s afterparty because the fun was just beginning at the Lobero Theater.

Next, Andrew Dice Clay presented six shockingly funny comedians: Erik Myers, Steve Wilson, Michael “Wheels” Parisi, Eleanor Kerrigan, Jason Rouse, Cory and Chad (The Smash Brothers) and Colin Kane. “The Blue Show” had an “anything-goes” attitude.  And everything went.

First up was Erik Myers, a comedian I recommended to the festival.  He absolutely delivered, instantly winning the crowd over with his frenetic personality and voice two octaves higher than a normal human’s.  Other memorable moments included Colin Kane coaxing an innocent woman to touch his junk and Jason Rouse breaking the shock barrier.  This was a perfect environment for Jason, who could make Lucifer himself squirm from the graphic nature of his act.   Comedy twins The Smash Brothers told so many crotch stories, I called them Tweedledick and Tweedledong.  These guys are so fun to watch, it’s no wonder they are selling out clubs.

blue show

Nadine and I got to interview most everyone on the show, but I was bummed I didn’t get to interview Dice.  I really wanted to recount the story where he sat next to me at an outdoor eatery and asked if it would be OK if he smoked.  “You’re Dice,” I replied.  “I’d be offended if you didn’t.”

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What a packed day at the Santa Barbara LOL Comedy Festival!

First, the LOLflix crew showed up at my door to do a promotional short film for sponsors, The Eagle Inn and Uber.  The synopsis:  I’m trying to think of a song about Santa Barbara and hit the town to ask locals for inspiration.  I have a hard time adapting to beach culture, plus encounter some colorful characters along the way. It should be shortly and I’ll repost it here.

After I got cleaned up from sunscreen and sandstorm from the shoot, I headed over to the Lobero Theater to shoot a music video for my song “I Got Game,” which will be released in the coming months.  The song is an explosive hip-hop anthem in which I prove my game by rapping 44 game titles in two minutes.  It usually takes every ounce of my body to make it through the piece once in my live shows.  I did it about six times during the taping and was definitely feeling winded by the end!

Shortly after, Jay Mohr showed up to tape his special.  I’ve never seen someone so relaxed before shooting such a defining moment.  He walked into the theater a few minutes before showtime and banged out an amazingly hilarious hour like it just came off the top of his head.  One of the highlights for me was his spot-on Norm McDonald impression.  It may be even better than his renown Christopher Walken, which I often hear on his radio show, Mohr Sports.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to talk to Jay after the show, I think people are going to love this special.

My friend Brad Williams was next, taping a his special, “Fun Size.”  In case you don’t know, Brad is a dwarf who has been really making a name for himself lately on shows like Mind of Mencia, his podcast, “About Last Night” with Adam Ray and most recently as a radio personality on KROQ in Los Angeles and Live 105 in San Francisco.  I’ve had the pleasure of watching Brad grow over the years (no pun intended) and knew this was a really important night he’d been working for his whole career.  I’m proud to say he absolutely DESTROYED!  Be onl the lookout , because I believe “Brad Williams Fun Size” will make him one of the top comedians in the country when it is released.

Here’s our interview just moments after the taping:

Brad Williams Eric Schwartz Santa Barbara

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Two shows ran simultaneously at the Santa Barbara LOL Comedy Festival last night: The Hot Funny Femmes at the New Vic and Russell Peters at the Granada Theater.

The Hot Funny Femmes were hilarious and got a standing ovation to prove it!  The list included Amy Anderson, Nadine Rajabi, Rachel Bradley, Monique Marvez, Jill Michele Melean, Jen Murphy, Kimmie Dee and Grace Fraga. One of the highlights was finding out Amy Anderson is the mother of Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, who plays Lily Tucker-Pritchett on Modern Family!  She talked about how her daughter earns more money than her during her set, and the crowd loved it.

Russell Peters packed the Granada Theater, one of Santa Barbara’s–and the country’s–most-beautiful venues.  Russell is currently the most famous comedian in the world, but you wouldn’t know it by talking to people in Santa Barbara.  Watch this:

I asked Russell for his take on the situation in this short interview.

But if you’ve ever seen Russell live, you know he can’t be kept secret for much longer.

See you tomorrow, where it’s funny and sunny at the Santa Barbara LOL Comedy Festival.

sblolfest 1

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Day two was a blast here at the Santa Barbara LOL Comedy Festival.  I got to interview one of the most hilarious and prolific comedians working today, Christopher Titus.  He hosted the festival’s “Next Up Stand Up” show with comedians Andrey Belikov, Monty Franklin, Dylan Mandlsohn, Darren Carter, Eric Blake, Josh Waldron and Jarrod Harris at the Lobero Theater.  He’s taping his sixth, 90-minute comedy special, The Angry Pursuit of Happiness at the Lobero Sept. 27.  SIXTH?!  I better go write…

Eric Schwartz and Christopher Titus at Santa Barbara LOL Festival

Next, I did an opening set for the band Supernaked, a band of six excellent musicians that formed just six months ago and is already making waves in Los Angeles. Their funny vibe and witty banter was a great match for the festival.  Here’s me and guitarist Luke Thomas meditating before the show.

Eric Schwartz and Luke from Supernaked

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Day one of my experience at the Santa Barbara LOL Comedy Festival was a huge success!  See for yourself:  I ended up in Rip Taylor’s hair.  First goal, accomplished.  It was like borrowing Superman’s cape.

Rip kicked off the festivities at the Arlington Theatre on State Street screening his new documentary, “Rip Rip Hooray.”  It was hilarious, historical and heart wrenching all in one.  Rip came from some extremely nightmarish conditions only to become one of the most iconic and steadily working comedians of all time.  It made me think twice about complaining about any kind of disadvantages I may think I have.  If Rip could

The doc was followed by an audience Q and A.  I asked Rip, “After working so long and giving so much joy to the public, what has he been able to take away from it?”  Without hesitation, he responded, “Cash! Lots and lots of cash.”

So much for soul searching.

Three cheers for Rip on the release of his film, “Rip Rip Hooray.”

Eric Schwartz appears at the Lobero Theater at 33 E Canon Perdido St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 with Supernaked Sep. 3 at 10 p.m.  Tix at www.sblolfest.com.  Eric sometimes writes in the third person.

sblolfest day 1

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Smooth-E Comedy In Santa Barbara

LOL Comedy Festival features Eric Schwartz aka Smooth-E.

Santa Barbara, CA, August 28th, 2014 — Comedian Eric Schwartz aka Smooth-E performs at Santa Barbara’s LOL Comedy Festival in the Lobero Theatre with Supernaked and Brett Riley on September 3 at 10 p.m.  The Lobero Theatre is located at 33 E Canon Perdido St, Santa Barbara, CA.

Eric Schwartz will be featured on the Supernaked show and will perform his unique style of comedy with original music.  Smooth-E electrifies with his extraordinary blend of hysterical bits, outrageous characters, and gut-crushing tunes in his debut comedy special, now airing on the lolflix channel on Hulu.

Eric is also the festival’s official “Man on the Streets,” giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look at funny highlights and stories during the six-day event that will debut on Hulu as morning-after content.

There are many funny comedians out there, but very few with a unique and versatile music comedy style like Eric Schwartz. The unlikely beginnings for this musical comedian began in the humble suburbs of Thousand Oaks, CA where Eric first foisted his unique brand of humor on his brave parents.

Since then, he has appeared on The Tonight Show, Showtime, Comics Unleashed, BET and more. This multi-dimensional showman’s stand up, songs and characters have made him a favorite at clubs, colleges and the web.  His viral videos have aired on E!, G4, CNN and OMG Insider, while YouTube recently named him one of their prestigious NextUp Creators. Forbes.com applauds him for having “a minor industry in pop music parodies.”

His song “Flat Booty Girl” has become THE anthem for less curvy women everywhere! “E! News Daily” host, Ryan Seacrest, says he is “rocking the web” with “video that’s got everyone Googling,” Inside Edition praised Eric’s must-see funny parody video of Taylor Swift – “We Were Never Ever ACTUALLY Together.”

“I’m originally from the 805, so I know what it’s like growing up on the mean streets of Montecito,” said Schwartz. “I am glad Santa Barbara is becoming known as a hotbed for comedy.”

About Eric Schwartz: Eric Schwartz, aka Smooth-E, combines a smooth blend of funny stand-up routines, musical parody numbers, and original characters in an electrifying hour of musical comedy. Check out the trailer for his one-hour special “Surrender to the Blender” video, look for upcoming tour dates, or like his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ericschwartz

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